Take Action

On Our Terms isn’t a website—it’s an invitation. It’s always been driven by the youth, families, educators, and organizers fighting to end the school-to-prison pipeline. The people who are already imagining and creating restorative, healing-centered school cultures. The people who demand that policymakers and those in positions of power invest in racial justice, listen to young people, and support (not get in the way of!) the creation of cultures of care. The stories and ideas we’ve shared on this website are a reflection of all the incredible work that is already underway to transform schools in New York City—and a reminder of all that needs doing, within ourselves, our communities, and society.

On Our Terms found that the most important thing for building restorative school cultures is…

left half of vent diagram, which is a venn diagram with nothing in the center, showing the tension between the two texts right half of vent diagram

Structural transformation

Building relationships

RJ demands that we do both: fight for radical transformation of schools and education policy, and strengthen relationships with the people in our school communities. So as we work together to build restorative, healing-centered schools, there are many ways to take action: community building, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, as well as learning, teaching, creating, and dreaming. And we all have a role to play: youth and adults, educators and administrators, organizers and artists, policymakers and advocates.

So, we hope that you’ll think of On Our Terms as an invitation: to learn, reflect, and take action. Explore this page for ideas about how YOU can build on our findings to spark change and deepen relationships in your schools and communities, and plug into the much larger movement for youth justice in education—since On Our Terms is only one tiny piece of the puzzle.

What will authentic and meaningful action look like for YOU?

Take a deep dive into the stories and takeaways from On Our Terms, centering the wisdom of NYC students, parents, and educators about restorative justice in their school communities. This report gathers the key research findings and recommendations on this website into a printable PDF format, available in English and Spanish.

Download the On Our Terms Community Conversation Toolkit to explore the ten big themes from our project in your schools, families, and communities. The Toolkit includes a facilitation guide and circle outlines to spark story-telling, reflection, and action in youth and intergenerational spaces.

Use our interactive Vent Diagram tool, on your own or with others, to reflect on the joys, challenges, and paths forward as we strive to build restorative cultures in our schools and our lives. Share your Vent Diagrams with us on Instagram @on_our_terms and @vent_diagrams

Learn more about our recommendations for school practices to build and sustain restorative and healing-centered school cultures.

Learn more about the policy changes needed to support school communities in building restorative justice and healing-centered school cultures.

Want to learn & do more? Check out toolkits and resources for learning, base-building, organizing, and action from On Our Terms’ community partners and others working in restorative justice and the movement for youth justice in education.