On Our Terms is a participatory action research project built by students, parents, and educators, and activists about what it takes to build restorative justice cultures, collective safety, and healing in schools.

Find out more about the origin of On Our Terms and why this project matters.

Learn more about On Our Terms’ critical participatory action research approach.

Meet the youth, educators, parents, and activists who created On Our Terms, and the organizations that have supported it.

Check out the On Our Terms community values, and an invitation to keep them in mind as you engage with our work.

Learn more about our research questions, focus groups—and the youth, parents, and school staff we spoke to, and data analysis.

Find out more about this website and how you can use it, whether you’re a young person, educator, parent, activist, or ally.

Stay in Touch

On Our Terms is a collaborative project of many people and groups, but we are not a standalone organization with permanent staff. The best way to stay in touch is to subscribe to the Teachers Unite newsletter and the Restorative Justice Initiative newsletter.

If you have specific questions about this project—or if you want to tell us about the creative ways you’re using the site and its tools for action!—you can email us at: info@teachersunite.org and  info@restorativejustice.nyc.